Karsten Schwardt - lead vocals and guitar
Leal Butler - backing vocals and bass guitar
Anna Monteith - drums


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The Electric Era is a three-piece indie rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. Their self-proclaimed Antipodean Anti-gloss Pop has been compared to seminal New Zealand bands such as The Clean, The Chills and The Verlaines, as well as English acts The Smiths and The Cure. They also claim David Bowie, Joy Division, Wire and Magazine as their sonic godfathers.

The Electric Era started in 2004 as a cute, little puppy project to archive the many written but unrecorded songs frontman Karsten had collected over the past two decades. While recording the old tunes, Karsten started writing new material as well, and soon looked to the Internet to give his creations some legs. Three full length albums were recorded and released this way between 2005 and 2009.

During spring 2009, Karsten put together a live line-up to mark the release of album number three, unwittingly creating a sonic monster. While feeding on live (and dead) audiences around Auckland, NZ over the next two years, a few line-up changes ensued - including the sudden shapeshifting into a three-piece. More new material was recorded and released, and a growing fan base showed their appreciation for the indie-beast on offer.

In 2012, The Electric Era did a 9-date tour of Germany with the current line-up of Karsten on guitar and vocals, Leal on bass and backing vocals, and Anna on drums. Trying to come to terms with this life-changing cultural experience, the majority of songs honed on the tour were crafted into a fourth, cathartic full-length album titled 'Sand Dunes and Bird Song'. Previous band member Brignall Wood rejoined the band for some of the sessions, while drummer Anna was pursuing variousother side projects. The album was pre-released on bandcamp on 3 August 2014. A full release is scheduled for 8 December 2014.

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